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Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Maria Berntsen

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark

Reference no.: 1032178
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The red glass candle-cuff in the LUMI range looks fantastic against the black powder-coated candle holder: the clear painted glass creates an interplay of colour with this simple design. For example, you could create a romantic table setting and use the LUMI candle holders on the well-set table together with the red glass candle-cuffs. The red colour also works well in autumn and winter when you want to add a cosier, warmer feel to the home ambience. See also the many other colours in the same range, and mix and match to suit your mood, style or the season.

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark
Diameter: 8,5 cm.
Maria Berntsen
Condition: New.