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Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, curved

Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, curved

Maria Berntsen

Location KLASSIK Flagship Store - Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH. K.

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark

Reference no.: 1032170
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Create a classic, pleasant atmosphere throughout your home with these curved glass candle-cuffs in the retro-inspired brown colour. The brown colour contrasts nicely with light Scandinavian style, inviting you to savour the cosy indoor candlelight. The lovely brown colour is just perfect for the contemporary retro wave. The natural colouring of the glass candle-cuff is a new meeting of colours in your living space. Perhaps position the candle holder in a light-coloured setting for a discreet, attractive contrast with the brown colour. Try combining or replacing glass candle-cuffs to suit your mood and the season.

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark
Diameter: 8 cm.
Maria Berntsen
Condition: New.