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Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Maria Berntsen

Location KLASSIK Flagship Store - Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH. K.

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark

Reference no.: 1032173
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The single LUMI candle holder looks all the more elegant with the beautiful smoke-coloured painted glass candle-cuffs. The flat design of the glass cuffs looks great with light-and-airy Scandinavian styles. The discreet colour looks even better when you light the candle, bringing clear brilliance to the black LUMI candle holder. You could, for instance, create an elegant table setting with a white tablecloth, LUMI candle holders of different heights and smoke-coloured glass candle-cuffs for a simple, pleasant look. Take a look at all the other colours, too, and change the glass candle-cuff to suit your mood, the occasion and the season. A great gift idea for all sorts of occasions.

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark
Diameter: 8,5 cm.
Maria Berntsen
Condition: New.