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Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Lumi Glass candle-cuffs, flat

Maria Berntsen

Location KLASSIK Flagship Store - Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH. K.

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark

Reference no.: 1032175
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The pretty blue glass candle-cuff is made of clear, painted glass and fits the LUMI candle holder from the same range. The rounded shape adds pleasant, soft styling to the simple, clean lines of the candle holder. Change the colour to suit the season and your mood, giving the candle holder a brand-new look. The clear blue colour looks equally good in the summer or winter months – like a breath of fresh air for the colour scheme of your home. Consider placing the candle holder with the blue glass cuff on the window sill and enjoy the reflection of the sky in the blue glass. The glass candle-cuffs are available singly or in sets of four.

Shipping price: 2.69 € in Denmark
Diameter: 8,5 cm.
Maria Berntsen
Condition: New.