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Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen 1914-1972

Most Danes will immediately recognize a Børge Mogensen furniture design. Him and Hans J. Wegner had a significant impact on design conception towards the `man on the street´.

Børge Mogensen graduated as cabinet maker in 1934. Then studied at the School of Arts and Crafts where he graduated as a furniture architect in 1938 followed by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - educated by Kaare Klint.

In 1942 Børge Mogensen was appointed head of FDB´s (a major Danish staple goods retail chain) furniture drawing office. Some of the most popular Børge Mogensen designs were produced by FDB.

Later Børge Mogensen co-operated with Fritz Hansen and Fredericia Furniture. Most famous Børge Mogensen design: A couch made of beech and with black leather seating and foldable arm rests, and the "J39" chair in light beech or oak and plaited seat is among the most popular Børge Mogensen designs.

Characteristic Børge Mogensen features are narrow arm rests and leather upholstery.

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