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We give new life to old furniture every single day!
At KLASSIK’s own cabinetmaking and furniture upholstery workshop, we carry out just about every type of renovation – with respect for its history and craftsmanship!

Our experienced technicians base their work on proud craftsmanship traditions and use only original materials wherever possible. At KLASSIK Moderne Møbelkunst, we naturally take pride in achieving a finished result that is as close to the original appearance as at all possible.

Before we start
Before we start to renovate or reupholster your piece of furniture, we give a cost estimate.
The more information we have about your piece of furniture, the more precise our offer will be.

Please note that we cannot give you a fixed price until we have received your piece of furniture for repair or reupholstering at our workshop. Naturally, we will wait for you to accept our offer before we start the job. Our workshop is located on Jorisvej 11, 2300 KBH. S.

Would you like to know more? 
At KLASSIK, we are accustomed to carrying out special assignments, repairs and reupholstering. Call us on tel. +45 3333 9060, or send us an E-mail with photos and other relevant information about your piece of furniture to klassik@klassik.dk.


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