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Palet Storage jar, 0,7 l., green

Palet Storage jar, 0,7 l., green

Michael Bang

Location KLASSIK Flagship Store - Bredgade 3, 1260 KBH. K.

Manufacturer: Holmegaard

Shipping price: 6.72 € in Denmark

Reference no.: 1032166
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The mouth-blown Palet Storage Jar can be used in countless ways in the home, and creates a beautiful and colourful effect wherever you place it. This one is produced in green with an oak lid and serves as a neat way to store keys, knick-knacks, jewellery, plants - or for salt, sugar, tea and coffee, or as an innovative way to serve a starter. Michael Bang was the original creator of the colourful series, which has now returned to Holmegaard's range, and which fits right in with today's popular retro trends. A brilliant gift idea for those who appreciate high-quality design with a story to tell.

Shipping price: 6.72 € in Denmark
0,7 l.
Height: 14,5 cm.
Diameter: 9,8 cm.
Michael Bang
Condition: New.