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Cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf


Special Price: €389.57

Shipping price: 20.16 € in Denmark

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Handspun, hand-loomed cashmere scarf in ikat dye, woven on a silk warp for a delicate luxurious feeling. Handstitched edges. Ikat is a method for of ’printing’ woven fabric by tie-dyeing the warp yarns. The cashmere that has been used for this scarf is collected by hand in the highlands of Tibet, and hand woven in Kathmandhu, Nepal. 80% cashmere / 20% silk. The cashmere is of the finest fiber selection, sourced from the undercoat of the Tibetian and Mongolian goats, refined in our workshop in Kathmandhu, Nepal.

Shipping price: 20.16 € in Denmark
Lenght: 175 cm.
Width: 70 cm.
Condition: New.

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