Do you have your workspace sorted out?

Written by Klassik Copenhagen the

Never has creating a functional homework space been more relevant than now. Millions of people affected by the Corona crisis have come to realise that working from home is not just a necessity, but actually a great opportunity. There are also huge family and environmental benefits in not having to travel as much as we have done in the past. So, the home workplace has really come to stay.

We ask our stylist, Katrine Martensen-Larsen, her advice on how to arrange a good home work environment.

"It is important that you find a long-lasting solution, so both a functional and an aesthetic result is established. As a rule of thumb, you should arrange the work space in your favourite room. We tend to sit wherever it is the most pleasant place to be, and where the light is best. Some require complete calm, while others would rather not be cut off from the rest of the family. So before you start buying office furniture, you must first find out where your home workplace needs to be".



Katrine continues: 


"Should you decide that the dining room table in your dining room works best for you, you will probably want to be able to pack up your ‘office’ quickly and easily. A good solution in this situation is a laptop and perhaps a couple of nice storage boxes for paperwork, stationary and whatever else you need. The company August Sandgren makes some gorgeous handmade leather boxes. You can also find cheaper accessory options at for example HAY, IKEA or at the box factory ELVO".




"Some require a tranquil setting in order to work optimally at home. Perhaps then, a guest room / study combination is a good option to pursue. Many do have a spare room, but it can be rather a design challenge to accommodate two rather different functions. You may simply have to ask yourself how often you have overnight guests, and whether that can be dealt with in a different way. Then it’s possible to go all-in, and create a super home office that you will enjoy every day".







"If you have ample space, I recommend that you place your desk a little further out into the room, so that your back is to the wall and you can look outwards, rather than facing the wall. In this instance, I recommend that your table looks beautiful from all angles, especially if it has to stand in the middle of the room. And to maintain a sense of aesthetic style, you can source attractive baskets to store your electric wiring and suchlike, from companies such as Lillerød ". 




Lastly, Katrine adds:


"It’s useful to remember that if you require several A4 folders, they don’t have to be the standard plastic red, yellow, blue or green options. There are many producers who make attractive ring binders and files from recycled cardboard Grønt kontor, Stefan Papir og Ordning & Reda for example, have some beautiful solutions. Last but not least, a handsome bulletin board is both practical and decorative Ferm Living, Lintex og Manufakture,make some super ones”.


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Photography @ Kira Brandt