Erik Magnussen

Erik Magnussen (1940-2014) was a Danish designer and ceramist who made significant contributions to the field of industrial design. Born on March 31, 1940, in Copenhagen, he graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts with a silver medal in 1960.

Magnussen began his career at Bing & Grondahl, where he worked for several years and made significant contributions to the development of the factory's tableware. He established his own design studio in the early 1960s and went on to work with a variety of companies, including A/S Stelton and Georg Jensen.

Throughout his career, Magnussen designed a range of utilitarian objects, including furniture for Fritz Hansen A/S, door handles for Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH, decorative art in pewter for Royal Selangor, decorative art in stainless steel and plastic for Stelton A/S, porcelain lamps for Licht & Form, and furniture for Paustian A/S.

Magnussen's products have been exhibited in museums worldwide, and he received several awards and honors throughout his career. He was awarded the Lunning Prize in 1967 and the Furniture Prize in 1977. In 1983, he was elected "Designer of the Year" by the Danish Design Council, and several of his products were awarded the ID Prize by the Society for Industrial Design. He also received the Bindesbøll Medal in 1996, as well as the Ole Haslund Scholarship, Hofjuvelér A. Michelsen's jubilee scholarship, and Knud V. Engelhardt's memorial scholarship.

Erik Magnussen died on May 23, 2014, in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, leaving behind a rich legacy of design work that continues to inspire designers and enthusiasts alike.