Frits Henningsen

From the first fine lines, through the perfect production, to the final icon - the carpentry master designer.

Frits Henningsen

Born: 1889
Died: 1965

Frits Henningsen got his cabinetmaker degree in 1911 after he studied under the skilled cabinetmaker I. P. Mørck. He afterwards followed Kaare Klints teachings at the Technical School and was a student at the early Arts & Crafts School.

He took "The Waltz" journey as it were custom and through that worked his way through Germany, France and England, before returning home were he established his own business and shop at "Nicolaj Square" in the center of Copenhagen. He afterwards joined the Danish Cabinetmakers Guild and participated in the famous exhibitions until 1937.

Cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen was a carpentry master with excellent sense of quality and had a very effervescent and distinctive personality. He was very much recognized by both customers and colleagues. Unlike other cabinetmakers, Frits Henningsen designed his pieces himself and was, like Kaare Klint and Ole Wanscher, very inspired by earlier style eras. The influence of the french empire-style, the rococo period and the 17th century english furniture, are very apparent in alot of his work - although the main icons are more elegant, free and modern designs.

Frits Henningsen aren't as commonly known as others from the golden period, but the immensely high quality in both cabinetmaker skill and materials, makes him one of the all-time greats - and lately his pieces has gone up in popularity and price. His "Wingback Chair" (shown in the top picture) is today considered his masterpiece, and are furthermore a very personal and important contribution to the history of danish design.

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