Kurt Østervig

Kurt Østervig (1912-1986)

Perhaps you can call Kurt Østervig an underestimated designer, considering his talented work and his recognition. Compared to a large handful of Danish world-renowned furniture architects, Kurt Østervig has never become a name in the same league, though today he is getting more attention – not only from connoisseurs but also from people who stumble upon his great designs.

Kurt Østervig was actually originally an educated shipbuilder who worked at the Odense Shipyard. In 1930, he was employed at the E. Knudsen design studio where he worked as a furniture designer until 1947. At that time, he established his own studio from where the design classics we know today were created. Kurt Østervig won several design prizes throughout his active career and has been part of the honored exhibition La Triennale in Milan, Italy during the years 1953 and 1960. His furniture designs are also exhibited at MoMA; Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Klassik Studio has noticed his interesting designs and hand-picked a number of fun and creative yet functional and modern furniture. We believe that his work as a furniture designer still has the potential to reach a higher popularity and reaching the recognition he deserves.