Nils Thorsson

Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson (October 24, 1898 in Eslöv, Scania - October 25, 1975 in Copenhagen) was a Danish ceramicist and painter who was artistic director of the Aluminia faience factory 1933-1969 and of the stoneware department at the Royal Porcelain Factory 1949-1969.

His parents were Nils Peter T., manufacturer, and Hanna Olsson. Danish citizenship 1910. Married July 6, 1924 in Frederiksberg to Kirsten Backer, born March 16, 1902 in Frederiksberg, daughter of wholesaler Hans B. and Elisabeth Friis. Nils Thorsson and his wife Kirsten are buried at Egebæksvang Cemetery.

Nils Thorsson's name came to prominence when he exhibited a series of variegated faience (autumn series) in 1925, which won a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. Around 1930 he began to modernize the potting and spraying technique, thus paving the way for a rationalization of the production of etel; in 1937, in collaboration with the technicians, he produced the 'industrialized Stel', which meets both technical and aesthetic requirements. With a number of different, good decorations ("Sonja", "Sun Bride", "Jenny" and others).

In 1939 he drew a new undecorated set: 'Alma'. In addition to the dinner services, T. designed models and decorations for vases and bowls in earthenware (Solbjerg, Bremerholm, Lustrefajance, Tenera and Baca), matt porcelain and stoneware (Jungle and works in Solfatara, Clair de lune, Olivin, Dilou etc.) T.'s relentless desire to experiment with new glazes and ceramic fabric effects has produced remarkable results; he knew how to turn a pot and had a fine sense of form and decoration. His subject matter was vast, ranging from pure naturalism to abstract, geometric patterns, executed either painted or in relief. In his confident, light brush technique, ancient ceramic tradition and culture can be traced - Works in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Copenhagen, The Royal Porcelain Factory Museum, Copenhagen. Porcelainsfabriks Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Ceramic Museum in Faenza. - Has illustrated Svend Poulsen: Roses (1941).

Apprenticeship at the Aluminia earthenware factory under Christian Joachim from 1912. to Akad. at Tekn. Sk. Travels: 1922, 23, 26, 28, 29, 32 Italy; 1925 Paris; 1931, 37, 39, 48 England; 1950 Austria. Exhibitions: Paris 1925, 32; Brooklyn 1927; Kunstn. Eft.1932, 37; Boku-Udst. 1934; Brussels 1935.