Verner Panton

An illuminated, design gifted individual

Verner Panton

Born: 1926 in Gamtofte. Died: 1998 in Copenhagen
Genuine, lighting classics do not perish and that also applies to Verner Pantons designs.

Verner Panton created with his lamps little lighting pieces of art, which have proven their perseverance and class. He wanted challenge and inspire our fantasy and ability to imagine through his lamps, textiles and pieces of furniture - you are very much able to notice the playful and stylish elements in all designs by Pantons hand; clear, strong colors and exciting use of forms.

Verner Panton was born in 1926 and graduated as an architect from Copenhagen Design Academy in 1951. He worked for Arne Jacobsen until he established his own design office in 1955 - which received great national and international recognition.

Verner Panton managed to challenge with his furniture and lamp designs, which you are always able to distinquish on the original approach to colors and forms. Many of his designs are today considered icons, among alot you may note the Flower Pot-lamp, the Panton Plastic chair, the Relaxer rocking chair and the Cone Chair.

Buy a furniture or lamp classic by Verner Panton

At KLASSIK, we deal in original pieces of furniture and lamps by designers like Verner Panton. That means that individual pieces may easily be more than 50 years old, but Verner Panton and his contemporaries didn't just unite form and function with their furniture—their pieces were also produced in incredibly high quality, making them even more beautiful today. If you can't find the item or piece of furniture you're looking for, please contact us with your inquiry at, or by phone at +45 33 33 90 60. Of course, you're always welcome to visit us in our shop, too, where you can experience many of these classic pieces of furniture for yourself.