How to maintain your leather furniture

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How to clean and care for your leather furniture

As leather is a natural material, it is important that it is regularly treated and moisturised so that it doesn't dry out. Once it dries out, it will crack and then there's no going back: it will only get worse. In fact, good quality leather is not very demanding to maintain and care for in order to last the specified lifetime. Depending on usage patterns and temperature, it requires about 2 to 4 times of maintenance a year.

"Patinated leather - meaning years of use of the leather - can easily make an old designer chair worth two to three times more valuable than a new one. Patina tells an honest story of the furniture's life, and if cared for regularly and properly, the result will be stunning” - Thomas Schlosser, director & owner

Below here, you will find our guide on how to first clean your leather furniture and thereafter treat it with leather grease. Before you begin, we recommend that you read the entire guide through.

Leather cleaning:

  • Remove dust by using a soft nozzle for your vacuum cleaner. Then wipe the leather with a lightly damp cloth. When cleaning natural leather, use a dry cloth

  • Mix soap flakes (for furniture) with lukewarm water (½ dl soap flakes for 1 liter of water)

  • Stir the soap flakes in thoroughly to eliminate all clumps

  • Wash the leather with the mixture, using a soft cloth. When cleaning natural leather, avoid using too much water - use the foam

  • - Let it dry a few minutes and use a soft towel to dry the leftover hereafter

Cleaning the leather in circles with the mixture

If you have used the soap mixture, you have added natural fat to the leather. The fat is what moistens the leather so that it will remain flexible and therefore not crack. Often you will need to add additional fat. Leather grease is the perfect way to do so.


Leather treatment

We only recommend 100% natural leather grease.

  • Apply the leather grease with a soft cloth or with your hands

  • Allow it to be absorbed in room temperature for a few hours (+4 hours if possible)

  • Remove excess leather grease with a clean, soft cloth


After cleaning, this natural leather is now treated with leather grease
The grease is massaged into the leather and needs to dry afterwards

General tips for maintaining leather furniture:

  • Avoid placing your leather furniture directly in sunlight and too close to a heating vent

  • Never use synthetic cleaners and avoid sharp objects as it will damage the leather

  • It is a good idea to vacuum your leather furniture weekly with a soft nozzle

  • Natural leather / vegetable leather / aniline leather will be susceptible to grease and liquid, which can often be seen. However, the above treatment may make it less visible

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the treatment of your leather furniture. Enjoy!