Ida sold her chair

Ida contacted us after she had inherited a chair, that she was not sure what to do with. "When my grandmother died last year, I inherited the most beautiful chair, but I have never been able to make it fit into my home - no matter how much I have tried. I knew my grandparents had previously shopped at KLASSIK Copenhagen, so I contacted them. It turned out to be a relatively rare chair by Børge Mogensen from 1954, which I was very surprised by. And I was even more surprised after receiving KLASSIK’s offer on it, which was surprisingly high. Their offer made it possible for me to purchase my dream chair by Wegner. It fits perfectly in my living room, and I know my grandmother would have thought the same” – Ida Johansen, Roskilde, Denmark

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Renovation & Upholstery

Reupholstering a piece of furniture is almost the same as getting a new one. A new fabric or leather can drastically change your furniture. If you're considering selling a piece of furniture, but you're wondering if it would be better to restore it instead, call us for a no-commitment offer and general advice about the pros and cons.


KLASSIK is much more than a furniture store. We're a passionate place, full of knowledge, history, and architect-designed classics in furniture and lighting, plus a broad range of crafts and artwork. Read more about KLASSIK, our dedicated employees, and our story here.

Tips & Tricks

Most people know not to place leather furniture in direct sunlight. But very few know how some leather conditioner and a little effort can work wonders, or what a weekly hoovering can do for a sofa. Read more about how you can maintain your furniture here.