Our Three product groups

We have three product groups in KLASSIK: Original, Vintage og Living. Read about them here.


This is an original, unique item. It is particularly rare, due to the materials used, the patina, the stamp, or the item's limited production run. Pictured is an armchair from the 1950s in original, patinated leather from its first producer, E. Kold Christensen.


This is a second-hand item that appears new, is naturally patinated, or can be customised according to your wishes. Pictured is a reupholstered 'Egg' chair by Arne Jacobsen, in like-new condition.


This is a newly produced item which, in addition to our new KLASSIK STUDIO brand, complements our assortment of pre-owned, classic Danish furniture. Pictured is Poul Volther's King's Chair from 1952, which was recently relaunched by KLASSIK STUDIO.

Decorate sustainably. Buy a timeless, pre-owned piece of classic furniture from KLASSIK

Meet our employees

At KLASSIK, we have a team of highly capable employees, each with their own knowledge and experience, and all ready to help you!

Thomas Schlosser

CEO & Owner / thomas@klassik.dk

Vibeke Svendsen

Store Manager / KLASSIK Flagship Store / klassik@klassik.dk

Stefan Jensen

Assistant Store Manager / KLASSIK Flagship Store

Charlie Ulv

Sales / ROXY KLASSIK Warehouse

Mette Søegaard

Accountant / KLASSIK Flagship Store

Nils Overgaard

Buyer / ROXY KLASSIK Warehouse / bud@klassik.dk

Lui Prag

Sales / ROXY KLASSIK Warehouse

Mads Kristensen

Cabinetmaker / ROXY KLASSIK Warehouse

Trine Munk

Cabinetmaker / ROXY KLASSIK Warehouse

Peter Linsaa

Sales / KLASSIK Shop

Kirstine Sejersen

Sales / KLASSIK Shop

Lasse Storm

Designer & Sales / KLASSIK STUDIO

Jesper Harris


Katrine Martensen-Larsen


Nanna Storm


Christian Hansen