Do you know the value of your vintage furniture?

Written by Klassik Copenhagen the

Have you ever browsed online or watched an antique programme on television and suddenly spotted an piece of furniture, a lamp or piece of ceramic that you recognise?

Perhaps an heirloom that your better half is rather less keen on, yet you haven’t wanted to let go of, so it’s been gathering dust in your attic or basement?

If you can’t figure out the signature under your stoneware vase, or don’t know who designed your vintage easy chair, only that it was rather expensive, when it was bought back in the 1950s, then it is about time to find out what it is actually worth!

For almost 30 years, KLASSIK has provided exactly these kinds of evaluations for clients all over the world - and still do so every single day.
Provided we have the right information, we can give you a precise and detailed assessment of your furniture.

If it turns out to be a valuable piece, then it may be that you would rather place it in the living room rather than putting it back to the attic. You can always reupholster or restore it, thus giving your furniture a new lease of life. Occasionally, a high evaluation of the piece can tempt you to sell it, so you can afford your dream furniture or even dream holiday instead.


Ida inherited her grandmother's old chair

We absolutely adore it when we unfold incredible stories behind people's furniture. Last year, we heard from Ida Johansen, who wrote and asked our advice on an armchair that she had inherited and didn’t know the designer behind:


”As a child, I spent almost every summer at my grandparents' summer house, where they had a very low and soft armchair. It became 'Ida's chair' as it was my favorite piece of furniture - perhaps because it was the only piece of furniture I could actually climb up into by myself as a child, due to the low seat.

When my grandmother died last year, I inherited this beautiful chair, but have never been able to make it fit into my home - no matter how hard I tried.

Knowing my grandparents had shopped at KLASSIK before, I got in touch with them. I was very surprised to learn that it turned out to be a relatively rare chair designed by Børge Mogensen in 1954. And I was even more surprised when they sent me their bid for it.

It was a lot of money for me and it made it possible for me to buy my dream chair by Wegner. It fits perfectly in the living room, and I know my grandmother would have thought the same.”




KLASSIK makes selling architect-designed furniture easy and safe


Nowadays, when it comes to selling architect-designed furniture, lighting, arts and crafts, there are many online platforms - each with their advantages and disadvantages.

At KLASSIK, we stand out from many other platforms by responding quickly to your inquiry and by being able to offer you a fair and realistic market price for your items, if we are interested. Our interest and bid for your furniture are often based on factors such as our current inventory, turnover rate, condition, and the general interest of our customers.

It is very important for us that you feel safe buying and / or selling with us. We, therefore, make every effort to treat your personal information confidentially with great seriousness. Therefore, we also do not recommend that you exhibit pictures from your home or personal information on public platforms that criminals can take advantage of. This is all too common in the real estate industry, for example. At KLASSIK, you avoid this.


In addition, you also avoid the hassle of auction houses where you do not know the final sales price - or whether your items will be sold at all. At KLASSIK, there are no fees of any sort - neither for sale nor purchase.


So... If you have a piece of furniture that you want to have evaluated for sale or exchange, then you can safely use our contact form here. You are also always welcome to send us an email to


We are sitting ready by the keyboard and look forward to hearing from you!


First photo: Sørensen Leather