Mixing new and old furniture the Scandinavian way

Written by Klassik Copenhagen the

A question we are frequently asked by our customers, is whether one can mix new with old furnishing. If you want to achieve a personal and harmonious decor, it’s practically a must. Read here why: 


“Mixing new and old furniture is actually essential if you want to create a personal interior - a home with soul,” says our regular stylist, Katrine Martensen-Larsen, continuing:  


”If everything is old, your home can tend to appear a bit "dusty". Conversely however, if everything in your interior is new, and by the same designer or manufacturer, it could well resemble a showroom or exhibit from a random furniture store. You would merely have a home without history, that in no way reflects who you are and what you stand for. After all, isn’t that exactly what it is all about, living in a personal space?”


According to Katrine, one cannot expect a good result by decorating one's home in a single visit to one furniture house, no matter how exclusive. Good décor is created over time. You inherit and buy gradually over time, trying to adapt your style to the architecture you live in and the functions they need to fulfill.



Adding vintage furniture gives your home soul and character


"The way I see it, it's not about living one way or the other. Nor is it about following a particular trend or house style, or whether you live eccentrically or conservatively. It’s about being true to yourself, and truly enjoying the space you live in. And if it reflects who you are, and has soul as well, then it’s an added bonus.”


 Katrine continues:


"Adding vintage furniture to one’s décor is one of the absolute best touches you can make, to give your home soul and character. It can be purchased vintage, or inherited - which can be even better as you then know its provenance, who owned it and where it was used. If you live in a completely modern residence, I would not recommend that you decorate using an entire set of old-style dining room pieces - with sideboard, table and chairs. But an inherited handcrafted armchair can act as a dynamic counterpart to a modern lounge sofa."



Reupholstery can bring new life to your furniture


Here at KLASSIK, we love hearing about a client’s heirloom piece that has once belonged to their grandparents, for example. We also find that it is often of even better quality than newer pieces. So, should you find yourself with a vintage item of furniture, but feel that it does not quite fit in with your modern surroundings, there is help at hand. More often than not, it is the cover that makes the furniture appear "dusty" and old-fashioned. Fortunately something can be done about it. If upholstered, both chairs, armchairs, small sofas and chaise lounges take on a whole new life and a completely different expression.


Fabrics with raised stripes, circles or other patterns in velour work particularly well, as does an imaginative use of buttons, cording and ornamental taping. You can also use complementary fabrics on the inner and outer sides of a piece of furniture. The only limit is your own imagination. And we are ready to help with good advice and guidance.



Tips for reupholstery:


  • Get a price quote for the upholstery before work begins.
  • Take into consideration how much fabric is needed. You will need to know the width of the fabric as well as the pattern repeat. Our Bredgade boutique has a wide selection of upholstery fabrics and leather.
  • Consider whether to have furniture cords, buttons or fabric taping on the furniture. Ask about what finish options are available.
  • Choose a fabric or leather that you will not tire of too quickly, and a padding that can withstand wear and tear (depending on how much furniture is used).
  • Look at the condition of the furniture's springs and inserts.


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