Anine Bing's Top 5 Vintage Favourites from KLASSIK

Written by Niklas Søgaard the

Born in Denmark of Danish and Brazilian ancestry, Anine Bing, founder of the self-titled clothing line, grew up among Scandinavian furniture classics. Classics, which has followed her throughout her career in places like Sweden, England, Belgium, Germany and South Africa. Today, Bing is based in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.


So we asked stylish Anine Bing about her preferred Danish design classics.
These are her top 5 favourites from our unique collection of original vintage furniture:


1. Vintage 'The Spanish Chair' by Børge Mogensen

”The old, original examples of The Spanish Chair  are really top-quality wood and leather. This is definitely a center-piece for any room. It catches your eye right away!", Anine Bing explains.


Did you know that the designer, Børge Mogensen, got inspired after a family trip to Spain in 1958? The beautiful chair does not contain a single screw and the high-quality materials that has been used makes it an iconic piece of Danish design. Our vintage chairs are made between 1958-1980.



2. Early Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen

"This patinated Swan Chair is such a classic yet timeless and another one of those pieces that gives off an inherent 'retro' look. It's a piece that I know my kids would want in their house someday. It's effortlessly cool and sleek", Anine Bing tells.


The Swan Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. The project was a true 'gestamtkunstwerk', where Jacobsen designed both the iconic building and all the interior all the way down to the silverware and ashtrays. The sculptural Egg Chair and The Pot Chair was also designed for this specific project. Our Swan Chairs are either in original leather or reupholstered in new high-quality leather of own choice.




3. Vintage Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen

The Artichoke by Poul Henningsen


"There's something special about the early Artichoke lamps by Poul Henningsen. It beautifully adds some texture to a dining room. It's so unique yet timeless... I think the copper tones are so sleek", she says.


The Artichoke Lamp was designed in 1958 for the 'Langelinie Pavillonen' in Copenhagen. The pendant consists of 72 leaves which creates a perfect distribution of light while ensuring no one is blinded by the bulb regardless of the angle of gaze.




4. Patinated sofa by Børge Mogensen

Patinated sofa by Børge Mogensen

"To me, this is a sofa that everyone should have in their home... It's super functional and the patinated leather adds depth to my living room. I love the retro vibe mixed with my timeless accents", Anine Bing expresses.


The iconic 3-seater sofa (model BM 2209) by Børge Mogensen was designed in 1963 as a part of his 2200 furniture series. While many other Danish designers looked to renew the design scene, Mogensen wanted to create durable and useful furniture that would enrich people's everyday lives.




5. Ribbed stoneware vase by Arne Bang

Arne Bang ceramics

"Having fresh flowers in my home is a non-negotiable for me. I love having white roses in my home, as well as my office. Popping them into this vintage vase dresses them up a bit and makes any arrangement feel elevated", she explains.


Beautiful and good quality ceramics to affordable pricing where the keywords for Danish sculptor Arne Bang. He was originally trained as an artist but is today known for his very sculptural ceramic works.



KLASSIK Copenhagen have since 1991 been one of the world's leading specialist in original Scandinavian vintage furniture, lighting, ceramics and art from the 20th Century.

For more than three decades, we have acquired a unique expertise in works of Nordic designs ⏤ offering a wide selection of high-quality cabinetmaker furniture by the best Scandinavian designers like Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner, Poul Kjærholm, Arne Jacobsen and Kaare Klint.