The story behind the renowned Clam Chair

The ever-popular Clam Chair is arguably the most mysterious piece on the Danish furniture market. But for some months now a new theory about its origin has been circulating. According to this, the Clam was not designed by Philip Arctander, but by the furniture upholsterer Arnold Madsen, and it was produced by Madsen's company Madsen & Schubell. Read the blog post here.
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Anine Bing's Top 5 Vintage Favourites from KLASSIK

Born in Denmark of Danish and Brazilian ancestry, Anine Bing, founder of the self-titled clothing line, grew up among Scandinavian furniture classics. Classics, which has followed her throughout her career in places like Sweden, England, Belgium, Germany and South Africa. Today, Bing is based in Los Angeles with her husband and two children, who might be a little influenced by Bing's Scandinavian background.

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Design & Sustainability

’Sustainability’. ‘Socially Responsible Buying’.’Circular Economy’.  
We often hear these terms, and fortunately there is growing focus on concrete change - the furniture industry included.

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