Design & Sustainability

’Sustainability’. ‘Socially Responsible Buying’.’Circular Economy’.  
We often hear these terms, and fortunately there is growing focus on concrete change - the furniture industry included.

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Mixing new and old furniture the Scandinavian way

A question we are frequently asked by our customers, is whether one can mix new with old furnishing. If you want to achieve a personal and harmonious decor, it’s practically a must. Read here why
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Do you have your home office sorted out?

Never has creating a functional homework space been more relevant than now. Millions of people affected by the Corona crisis have come to realise that working from home is not just a necessity, but actually a great opportunity. There are also huge family and environmental benefits in not having to travel as much as we have done in the past. So, the home workplace has really come to stay.

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VERNISSAGE: Kenneth Blom - "Between Dream and Reality"

Kenneth Blom is a successful Norwegian painter who has exhibited in New York, Berlin and Oslo. Galerie Birch introduced him to the Danish audience at Art Herning in January 2020, and presents him for the first time in Copenhagen at a separate exhibition at the Klassik Flagship Store in Bredgade on March 5, 2020.
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5 overlooked Danish chairs

Do you know these overlooked Danish chairs from the 1950s-60s?
We have selected five Danish chairs, which we believe are undervalued in Danish design history.
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